Credit & Asset Management

Finint Revalue Agency

An extensive network of collaborators allows Finint Revalue Agenzia Immobiliare srl – an agency of Finint Revalue SpA – to provide a fast and effective remarketing service for all types of real estate assets.

Finint Revalue Agenzia Immobiliare currently manages the relocation of more than 500 industrial and commercial property units, many of which are managed by Finint Revalue through its property and facility management activities.

The remarketing activity is carried out through six different specialised channels evenly spread throughout the national territory, consisting of more than 500 real estate consultants.

The experience and professionalism of its collaborators ensures that Finint Revalue Agenzia Immobiliare has perfect knowledge of the territory, its business structure and real estate requirements.

Ongoing relations with institutional and non-institutional investors, in addition to the management of 18 real estate funds at a Group level, complete the range of opportunities offered by Finint Revalue Agenzia Immobiliare to customers.

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