Credit & Asset Management

Property reffiting

Holistic approach to the world of deep retrofitting, relying on all the skills present within the Group: from needs assessment to works management, centralised planning and the selection of qualified partners for an all-in solution.

Our assessments aim to make the most of the “property opportunity” inherent in the portfolio under management by weighing a number of factors including:

  • Value and probability of reselling the asset in its current state, issuing an asset assessment
  • Analysis of potential upsides related to valorisation work
  • Development opportunities for property units through subdivision or unification projects
  • Possibility of conversion to a new use
  • Opportunity for urban planning restructuring and/or energy upgrading of the asset

In particular Finint Revalue, through the "Finint Green Hub" programme, integrates the best technical and operational capabilities in the field of energy improvement in a single service.

The Finint Green Hub programme, created for the renovation and redevelopment of residential buildings, today finds its field of application extended to commercial and industrial buildings. For more information