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Finint Revalue Spa, Founding shareholder of UNIREC (Unione Nazionale delle Imprese di Tutela del Credito), has agreed to comply with the Code of Conduct for Credit management and protection processes signed by and between UNIREC and the major Consumer Protection Associations (AACC) which is fully reproduced in the Documents section of this website.

  1. Definitions
    Dispute: Written report, concerning evidence of the existence of credit, in respect of which the claimant has a claim.
    Complaint: Complaint by a consumer/debtor, also filed via the AACCs, where the debtor objects to the credit recovery method applied by the Company in a circumstantial manner.
  2. Reporting methods: We always invite our Clients/Debtors to send us their reports using the form reproduced below as it provides information deemed necessary to identify the subject concerned and contact him. Failing this information, we might be unable to take charge of the report or handle it within the time expected for its processing and completion. To expedite the process, the Client/Debtor can automatically send the report by clicking on the “Send” button, after filling in the form.
    The data provided will be strictly processed for the purposes related to the handling and completion of the report, in accordance with the Privacy Code (Personal Data Protection Code – Law Decree no. 196/03), so as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.
    For further information we kindly invite you to read the general information available on the Company’s website.
    Alternatively, the client can file a Complaint by registered letter with advice of receipt or electronically, also via email using the email address below:
    Finint Revalue SpA
    Head of Complaints
    Via Alfieri n. 1
    31015 Conegliano (TV)

    Complaint e-mail:
  3. Processing of reports received
    The Head of Complaints is responsible for all Disputes/Complaints and as these are received he records them in an apposite Register. Once a report is entered in the register, the Head of Complaints creates a file with all the required documentation, with the help of all the concerned structures, to ensure the applicant receives a prompt and suitable reply.
    The Head of Complaints undertakes to process and complete a claim within 30 days of receipt.
  4. Conciliation application
    In the event of incomplete reply or no reply at all, the Consumer can forward the Conciliation application to the Secretariat of the Forum, either directly or through an AACC (within 90 or 45 days respectively).
  5. The Settlement
    The Secretariat verifies the completeness of the application within 7 days, then forwards it to the Joint Conciliation Commission which examines the case and, within 15 days, prepares a conciliation proposal.
    The Consumer/Debtor can accept or reject the proposal within 15 days.





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