Credit & Asset Management

Property return management

Finint Revalue, due to its presence throughout the country, is able to ensure proper and timely management of the extremely delicate phase of the return of a property, whether it be good-natured (in the case of leasing) or judicially, in the case of leasing contracts which are terminated or where pre-emption rights are not exercised.

In particular Finint Revalue:

  • Speaks with the stakeholders (Clients, Lawyers, Bailiffs, Custodians, etc.)and coordinates the phase of returning the property;
  • Prepares analyses on the current state of the property and has the record signed by the counterparties in the event of amicable return;
  • Checks the setup requirements for security and coordinates the work (changing locks, access closure, urgent maintenance, etc.);
  • If necessary appoints surveillance and/or custodian services through previously agreed services with the major national institutes;
  • Performs periodic inspections on repossessed property on which rights of first refusal are held and reports/manages any abnormalities through special reports.
  • If necessary installs a remote control system on property accesses;
  • Draws up an inventory and coordinates evacuation of the premises.