Credit & Asset Management

Due Diligence & Advisory Activities

Finint Revalue, through years of experience in the assessment and management of credits and related assets, is able to offer its Clients a full range of services pertaining to the Advisory & Due Diligence stage, with the highest levels of competence and professionalism, unique in the field.

Due Diligence & Advisory Non-performing loans

Finint Revalue, through a highly skilled and dedicated team specifically for such activities, is able to offer its Clients full assistance in all phases concerning participation in any award competitions for portfolios of non performing loans, both secured and unsecured, for many types of loans: banking, finance, leasing, utilities, telecommunications, trade, etc.

The services we provide vary depending on the type and size of the portfolio, the same can go from analysing on desk data to ascertaining the individual procedures of the originators concerning the delivery and recovery of the loan, the selection of any sample, the conduct of due diligence with regard to the originator, and to the comparison of data with our other series or field-specific data and to the drawing up of business plans with various scenarios and recovery plans.