Credit & Asset Management

Due Diligence & Real Estate Appraisals

Real Estate Due Diligence activity provided by Finint Revalue is divided into urban planning/cadastral, technical/plant design and full.

Urban planning/cadastral Due Diligence consists in specific monitoring of compliance or of any deviations of the property from the existing planning regulations and certificates of permission applying to it as well as the correspondence of the actual state of the property compared with records held in the Land Registry.

Technical/plant design Due Diligence consists in checking the compliance of the property structurally and plant design with relevant technical regulations. The same is expressed in a due diligence of the first level with a careful visual supervision of the property in question and an advanced due diligence with the taking of material samples to be analysed in the Analysis Centres which are Finint Revalue partners.

Full Due Diligence also defines the property and any constraints on it, determines a spending budget necessary for its maintenance and for the legislative adjustments, thereby properly assigning responsibilities, and suggests procedures to restore the property to ordinary conditions.

As part of a transfer of the property deed, Due Diligence highlights possible problems which do not allow the possibility of a transfer, defines the property value and facilitates its sale, at the same time providing important elements for the overall evaluation of the convenience of the operation.

Alongside the forms of due diligence, Finint Revalue is also able, through its own Professionals, registered with the respective Professional Orders, to issue appraisals on real estate which, depending on the degree of detail required by the Client, can range from those issued on desk through to a full expert report as a result of access to the records and on-site survey of the property.