Credit & Asset Management

Tax Management

Finint Revalue as part of its business of property management handles the settlement of all taxes related to real estate.

Consulting and management of payments related to land reclamation consortia, IMU local property tax, TASI municipal services tax and any other possible taxes linked to the real estate world are also offered in the management of lease agreements, as these represent complex and recurring commitments, far from the core business of the Client.

Finint Revalue has linked specific know-how with a strong IT component to provide a cost-effective service while ensuring a constant balancing of property with possible management of the expected charge-backs.

Finint Revalue finally offers a comprehensive procedure for the management of Condominiums, even for the leasing companies that own real estate units. In the latter case, the service provides for receiving, analysing and responding to the Administrators.

Finint Revalue independently guarantees (according to agreed rules) payments and recharging of outstanding payments, proceeding when necessary also with the recovery of the amount due.